1. 6x4 Dump Truck, Howo 7

      Is elaborately designed based on the cab advantages of European heavy trucks. Its cab features a large curved surface design that shows notably stylish looks.

    1. Mining Truck, Howo70

      Taking 3300mm truck width and complex working conditions into deep consideration, the rigid dump truck can ensure all-round wide and clear vision.

    1. 6×4 Tractor Unit, HOWO7

      It is the newest generation of heavy duty trucks in China, created by Sinotruk in 3 years and proven in multiple tests in various types of complex environments.

    1. Concrete Mixer Truck, HOWO 8-20CBM

      The HOWO 8-20CBM concrete mixer truck from Haoruitong is provided with the HOWO series chassis, HW76 type cab with single truck sleeper and HW70 type cab without sleeper.

    1. Garbage Compactor Truck

      Haoruitong offers a lineup of garbage compactor trucks for the safe and efficient collection of waste. Excellent performance in loading, compacting and transportation are sure to meet your needs.

    1. Sewage Suction Tank Truck

      This septic truck is mainly used in municipal works, environmental sanitation projects and large property management companies for sewage collection and transportation so as to avoid secondary pollution.

    1. Water Truck

      The sprinkling truck, also called the water truck, is mainly used in construction and mining industries, for road flushing and cleaning dust-covered large-medium-scale cities.

    1. Truck Mounted Crane

      It features a reliable four-bar linkage for increased hoisting capacity.
      The design of hexagonal boom profile minimizes boom deflection and ensures high stability.

    1. Tipper Semi-Trailer

      This tripper semi-trailer could by your first choice of vehicles for medium to long distance journeys. It is primarily used to transport bulk cargos, and medium or heavy cargos.

  • Service Commitment
  • Field Commissioning and Training1. After the vehicle arrives at customer's job site, if it is required, we will send one of our technicians to his place for driver training and truck commissioning services.
    2. The dispatched technician will strictly follow related rules required by the customer, obey the work arrangement, and if required, present ID card, academic qualification, employment certificate, and technical level certification for review by the customer.
    3. Buyer partners will have access to our technical support. Services performed during the warranty period are free of charge.

    Commitment to Replacement Parts Supply1. How long will it take to obtain replacement parts from Haoruitong if the warranty is applicable?
    Upon receipt of the photo of the damaged parts, if it is determined that the warranty is applicable, we will ship replacement parts within 7 working days by sea or air.